7 Best Dry Dog Food Brands

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Choosing the best dry dog food brands is a complex and tricky process. Several dog food brands circulate in the market, and there are many options to choose from. However, as a pet owner, your role is crucial. 

It’s important to research and consider different elements such as nutritional value, ingredients, dietary needs, etc. Your dog is your furry companion, and you are the one who can make the best decision for their health. They deserve the best, and you are the one who can provide it.

The Best Dry Dog Food Brands

In 2024, we have compiled a list of top Dry Dog Food brands that receive good reviews and are highly beneficial. They offer a variety of formulas to cater to different breeds, sizes, and dietary needs. Let’s look at the best Dry Dog food brands:

  1. Blue Buffalo
  2. Royal Canin
  3. Merrick
  4. Orijen
  5. Wellness
  6. Nutro
  7. Dog Chow
  8. American Journey

Blue Buffalo

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Blue Buffalo is a brand of Dog Dry food that offers vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to boost your dog’s immunity. Many brands are available, but Blue Buffalo is the most affordable option to please every taste palate. Before choosing it, consult a veterinarian to determine the best food for your furry friends.

High-Quality IngredientsPotential Allergies
Natural and WholesomeRecalls
Variety of formulasCheaper supermarket brand
Support immune system
Affordable option

Customer Review

First, even though I gave this puppy food five stars for flavor, I have not personally tasted it. Our puppies love it and eat it.

Royal Canin

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Royal Canin is another dry dog food brand that meets the needs of your dog’s pet. It elevates your pet’s dining experience to a new level. Royal Canin offers a range of specialized formulas that cater to the palate of different breeds, sizes, and life stages. They satisfy your dog’s appetite and keep them healthy and active.

Breed Specific formulasExpensive
High-quality ingredientsSome feel Sensitivities or Allergies
Specialized Formulas

Customer Review

My dog loves Royal Canin Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food! He’s been chowing down on it since he was a puppy, and he never seems to get tired of it. Plus, it’s easy for him to digest, which is a big relief for me.


Merrick is another popular dry dog food for pet care known for its natural recipes. It uses high-quality real ingredients in its formulation. Real meat is the main ingredient and provides a great source of protein for your pets. Merrick is enriched with proteins, minerals, vitamins, healthy fats, etc. You can trust Merrick to grow healthy and happier lives for your furry pets.

High-quality ingredientsSome may feel sensitivities or allergies
Real food ingredientsPrice is high
Without any artificial preservatives
Grain-free options

Customer Review

 Merrick pet care recipe has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Customers claim that it’s “great food with quality ingredients


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Orijen gives your pup a healthy and satisfied life. It is packed with the power of protein, giving your pet full nutrients for their amazing overall nourishment. Orijen focuses on using high-quality, biologically appropriate ingredients. Their formulation uses fresh regional meats as a main protein source.

Premium quality ingredientsIndividual Sensitivities
Biologically Appropriate
Nutrient Dense
No Artificial Additives

Customer Review

My dog loves Orijen! She is very picky with food and this is the only one we’ve tried (amongst many) that she’ll eat. I love the clean ingredients – no hydrogenated oils, no cheap filler ingredients (corn, wheat, etc.), and it has a lower carb/higher protein content which is more aligned with a dog’s natural diet



Help your dog thrive with Wellness, which provides the highest quality and safest pet food. Wellness’s food has a great taste, using premium ingredients that provide optimal nutrition for your pet and a great treat full of taste. Wellness carefully selects quality proteins, grains, fruits, and vegetables that dogs love.

High-quality ingredientsSome feel sensitivity and allergic
No Artificial AdditivesPrices are high
Variety of formulas
Trusted brand

Customer Review

We have been using Wellness brand dog food for over 15 years. The quality ingredients make me happy and my dogs love the taste. Our dogs also enjoy good health ...

Nutro Ultra

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Nutro Ultra Dry dog food is packed with proteins, such as chicken, lamb, and Salmon. It is an adult superfood that provides essential nutrients for your dog’s health. Nutro Ultra offers a range of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support a healthy immune system, promote shiny coat and skin, and boost overall balanced nutrition. Your pet will love and be fully satisfied with your furry companion.

Premium ingredientsLittle bit Expensive
Superfood BlendSome may feel Sensitivities or Allergies
No Artificial Preservatives
Wide range of formulas

Customer Review

I never had problem with my dog bloating with dog food until one of puppies started to bloat with the puppy food I gave her. I switched to ULTRA Nutro and her bloat is gone. It really did make a difference on what brand we feed our dogs. So far this brand is worth it!

Dog Chow

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Dog Chow is a fantastic brand of dog food formulated by experts to help your furry friends grow happy and healthy. It is enriched with high-quality chicken, beef, and lamb proteins, providing proper, balanced dog nutrients. Furthermore, with its crunchy food texture, dogs enjoy it, and it even makes your pup’s teeth clean and freshens their breath. 

AffordableAllergic or Sensitivities
Balanced Nutrition
Trusted brand

Customer Review

My dogs LOVE this, and I love the price! It’s great quality food, and my dogs are happy, healthy, and look great! Don’t get too hung up on the hype of expensive dog food. Save your money; this is as good, if not better, than the overpriced “glamor” brands! You may use the automatic feeders to feed your cats and dogs.

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