13 Best Automatic Cat Feeders

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It’s more challenging for busy cat owners to feed their cats on time. It’s a reality. Cat parents are very conscious of cat feeding timings because they treat their cats like children.

The old days are gone. Now, we have the best automatic pet feeders for your cats when you take them to family events and offices because of who eats them when you are not home. Most automatic cat feeders have various features and functionalities, including capacity, power source, app connectivity, and compatibility with wet or dry dog food. Time has revolutionized, and advanced machines have been invented to relieve people.

Automatic feeders for cats and dogs are the best way for busy cat parents to ensure their cats’ diets are healthy while busy with their daily routine tasks. When choosing an automatic cat feeder, pet owners must consider their specific needs, such as feeding schedules and the number of pets.

You can spend time outside your home when your cat eats at family or friend gatherings and office meetings without worrying about your cat’s appetite.

Many dog food brands deliver cat-feeding machines with different specifications, sizes, and quality. We researched and reviewed some of the best pet feeders, with quality features that offer a convenient option for feeding cats.

Automatic Cat Feeders

An automatic pet feeder or cat feeder, or sometimes cat feeders automatic (both of the same term), is a smartly programmed device that feeds prefixed food to cats at a prefixed time. This device comprises various features, such as wifi cameras, to make it convenient for cat owners. Some of the major benefits of a smart cat feeder are as follows:

  • The major benefit of cat feeders to owners is peace of mind, as they eliminate the stress of being attentive on time.
  • Its automatic system avoids overfeeding and underfeeding by providing the cat with the right amount of food or medication.
  • The device allows you to monitor and control your cat’s feedings remotely while performing routine tasks.
  • It is also convenient for a pet sitter who may be caring for your pet in your absence.
  • Using this device, the cat experiences a healthy diet on time, improving the relationship between owner and cat.

Our Top Picked Best Automatic Cat Feeders

Here is the list of our top-picked, high-quality, smartly programmed cat feeders of various brands. 

  1. Penthouse Paws
  2. PetCube Bite 2 Lite
  3. Petlibro Automatic Cat & Dog Feeder
  4. Whisker Feeder Robot
  5. Ymiko Automatic Cat Feeder (Amazon link)
  6. PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Cat Feeder
  7. Cat Mate C500 Automatic Cat Feeder
  8. Petlibro Granary Two Cats
  9. Pet Feeder WOpet Dog Cat Feeder
  10. Pyrus
  11. WellToBe Automatic Smart Cat Feeder
  12. Petlibro Polar Wet Food Feeder
  13. PetSafe Automatic 2 meal Cat Feeder

1- Penthouse Paws Automatic Cat Feeder

Brand Name: Penthouse Paws

Suitable for Cats or smaller pets

Color & Design: Black, Black Stainless steel, White, and White Stainless steel

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Penthouse Paws offers reliable automatic cat feeders made of food-grade plastic material with customizable options to ensure your cat is not hungry when you’re away from home. You have dual choices of colors and stainless steel design to choose the best for your lovely cat.

This device has high-quality features to make feeding your cat automatically the easiest option. It has an LCD screen and control buttons to set the timing and quantity of food allowed for the cat.

One of the best features of this pet feeder is its voice recording option to call the cat for feeding. Some cats have a style or habit of listening to their guardian’s voice to eat, so this surprising option is useful for building a strong relationship with a cat when you are away.

The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder is also an excellent choice for households with multiple cats on different diets. It restricts access to specific cats identified by their microchip or RFID tag and works with wet and dry food, keeping wet food fresher and protecting it from flies.

Features Highlights

  • 6L food capacity
  • Anti-jam design
  • 10 seconds voice recording option
  • Backup power supply


1- Twist the lock seal to protect the meal from ant invasion and maintain freshness.

2- Having the ability to be Programmed to deliver up to 6 meals per day.

3- Easy to operate and easy to clean.


1- Design only for dry foods.

Customer Review

Here’s a review of Penthouse automatic cat feeder user:

“This automatic cat feeder saves the day for me. I don’t have to worry about feeding my cats even when I’m away”.

2- Petcube Bite 2 Lite Automatic Cat Feeder

Brand Name: Petcube Bites

What’s make it best: HD Camera 

Compatible food: Dry food

e aNECVBz6Idt1Diq 6X7ncBx 3RJ5yiHi74dOcAVat2Ie1s0qC4twTKSr7g67ooVGEJyoq0U3fVPqR3fD Mq8n7uA8T4xQ3jV 60ibezfIW2nl 5nT HKf erMZD7dORvhOSD awfIXaOVPPJtBJnE

It’s a wonder you see your pet when you’re in the office and busy outside the home. The Petcube Bites 2 lite automatic pet feeder automatically integrates a 1080p full HD camera, making it perfect for those too busy to care for a lovely cat.

This feeder has amazing features you don’t get with most feeders from other brands. Just adding a meal to the hopper requires your presence. Otherwise, you can control the schedule through an app and meet with your kitty through a Camera and two-way audio technology.

Feature Highlights

  • Wifi and Bluetooth-enabled machine
  • Hold 1.5L pet food and snacks
  • 1080p full Smart HD camera 
  • 2- way audio to speak and hear.


  1. Support app on Android and Apple iOS.
  2. One-year warranty.
  3. Reasonable price than other brands.


  1. The video is not saved in the gallery.
  2. Required Subscription for extra features.

Customer Review

“This camera is great! The picture is clear, as you can see from the screenshots I took of my pup. She is sitting in front of the camera, drooling because she knows I can toss her treats from it. It is much larger than other cameras that you will see online, but that just means it can hold more treats, so I don’t have to fill it as often. The setup is the easiest thing ever. Plug it in, press a button, download the app, add your wifi info, and you’re done. I wish there were a desktop version of the app so I could watch on my computer at work instead of only from my phone, but that is not the end of the world. Overall, I’m super pleased with this product!”

3- Petlibro Automatic Pet Feeder

Brand Name: Petlibro

Suitable for Cats or Dogs

Colors: Black and White

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Petlibro Automatic Cat and Dog Feeder are suitable for small- to medium-sized pet feeding. Its sleek design and size make it ideal for cat guardians to purchase and live a stress-free life of pet experts. This Petlibro automatic pet feeder can is sealed. Also, the lid contains a slit to hold a desiccant bag which is replaceable and preserves food freshness and taste.

This feeder ensures that only your cat is feeding an exact quantity of meal, which you prefer because it has a double-sided lid lock. So, your cat doesn’t steal meals dispensing food and doesn’t overfeed.

Feature Highlights

  • Hold up to 25 cups of dry kibble
  • Voice Recording Option
  • LCD screen
  • Stainless Steel Bowl


  1. This feeder is made of plastic and stainless steel, which is easy to clean.
  2. Its backup battery option allows pet feed during a power outage.
  3. Available in a variety of colors and designs. 
  4. 24 months product warranty


1- This feeder is not suitable for feeding longer animals.

2- No wifi connection is available in this model.

4- Whisker Feeder Robot – Automatic Pet Feeder

Brand Name: Litter-robot by Whisker

Suitable for Cats and smaller pets

Colors: Black and White with clear and smoke hopper color choice

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Whisker Automatic Feeders Robot is a bulky, generously sized smart cat feeder with a huge space to carry 32 cups of cat kibbles. One of the unique features that makes it different from other automatic pet feeders is that you can easily update your pet’s feeding schedule when you are not close to the feeder through the app.

Besides this, the app notifies you when the food in the feeder is low. This smart machine eliminates the stress of power failure because a backup battery is equipped to power the device for 24 hours.

Unlike many feeders, this machine is easy to program and clean using hands and cleaning wipes. 

Features Highlight

  • Anti-jammed technology
  • Manual buttons for easy setup
  • Tamper-resistant lid 
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Chew-resistant power cord
  • Backup battery option
  • Wifi capability


  1. This feeder has a big capacity.
  2. Suitable for both dry and semi-moist cat kibble.
  3. More convenient to use.
  4. Multiple options exist to set the schedule through an app or a unit.
  5. One year warranty


  1. This smart feeder is costly.
  2. Difficult to move because of heavy weight and large size.

Customer Review

Here’s the review of one of the Whisker Feeder Robot buyers:

“I have a very curious cat, and this is the first feeder that he has been unable to open. It keeps the cat food fresh and safe and is easy to program”.

5- Ymiko Automatic cat feeder

Brand Name: Ymiko

Suitable with: Dry kibble, freeze-dried, Air dried kibble

Colors: Black & White

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Give your cat a healthy diet with the Ymiko Automatic Pet Feeder. This feeder is lightweight and affordable, offering cat guardians a wide range of benefits. The feeder maintains a healthy diet for your cats, providing an equivalent quantity of food you set up through manual buttons. 

This timer feeder needs to tweak buttons to predetermine the schedule of 4 meals a day and over nine portions per meal. This food dispenser allows only a very small dog kibble size between 2-12mm. If you used a larger-sized kibble, it would jam the machine.

Features Highlight

  • 3L food capacity
  • Dual power mode
  • Four programmable feeding schedule setting
  • 10s voice recording to call cats for a meal


  1. Easy to set up and operate after following instructions.
  2. Suitable to feed cats, dogs, and other small pets.


  1. No wifi connectivity 
  2. Only a manual setup is applicable
  3. Batteries are not included in a feeder package.
  4. The machine is lightweight, so it easily turns over. 

Customer Review

Here’s the review of one of Ymiko Cat’s purchasers.

“Been using it for months now and love it! Also, I do not have to wake up to the cat meowing for his morning serving of food if I want to sleep in! 10/10 Highly recommend!”

6- PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Feeders

Brand Name: PetSafe

Speciality: App connectivity to handle cat meal schedules.

Best for: Small to medium-sized pets, especially cats and small dogs.

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PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Cat Feeder is an award-winning feeding machine with various technologies that offer a convenient option for pet guardians to feed cats and other small pets. This feeding dispenser has a wifi connectivity option to connect you with your pets through an app ( My PetSafe app). 

Dispense up to 12 meals daily and enjoy your vacations without worrying about a cat diet. 

Feature Highlights

  • Stainless steel bowl
  • 24-cup food capacity
  • Wifi capability
  • Dual setting option via buttons or an app
  • Alexa enabled via iPhone and Android


  1. Its “slow feed” mode is amazing for preventing pets from quickly eating.
  2. Allow both dry kibble and semi-wet foods.
  3. Larger food hopper
  4. Reasonable cost


  1. The device is bulky and takes up a lot of space.
  2. Do Not deal with wet foods.

Customer Review

Here’s the PetSafe buyer review.

“OMG, feeding and monitoring my pet has never been so easy and convenient when I am absent from the PETSAFE SMART FEED product. It is easy to set up and get it going for your pet ASAP with features like wifi enabled, notifications as to when your pet is fed when the food level is low, and when the feeder is empty, schedule meals, auto feeder now slow feed mode, and voice control. And no worries when the power is out because it has a battery compartment. PETSAFE SMART FEED is the ultimate pet feeding which gives the pet parents peace of mind”.

7- Cat Mate C500 Automatic cat feeder

Brand Name: Cat Mate

Specialty: Suitable for all kinds of foods

Best for: Wet foods

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If you want automatic pet feeders to feed cats wet foods, purchase a Cat Mate C500 Automatic feeder. This feeder device is lightweight, versatile, and reliable, and it keeps your pet food fresh for longer due to the integrated dual ice pack feature. 

Remember that this device has no wall outlet plug option, so you need a battery to operate it. Batteries are not included in the package; purchase them separately. Overall, the device is best for all kinds of food, especially canned foods.

Features Highlight

  • BPA-free bowl
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Battery operated
  • Five food compartments
  • LCD screen 


  1. Having dual ice packs to preserve food freshness.
  2. Five separate compartments to feed a cat multiple foods.
  3. This feeder has a three-year warranty.
  4. Budget-friendly feeder.


  1. There is no outlet plug option. A 3× AA battery is required to start the device.

Customer Review

Here’s the review of the Cat Mate purchaser.

 “Look no further because this brand is the only one that meets my expectations. I also have the six-meal feeder. I have returned several other brands that claim to be good, but it didn’t pan out. The batteries last 1.5 years on my bigger model, and I’ve just recently purchased this one, and so far, it’s so good. The timers are so easy to set, it’s also doable, and I can take the tray and put it in the dishwasher with no damage”.

8- Petlibro Granary Two Cats Automatic feeder

Brand Name: Petlibro

Designed for: Dried foods or kibble less than 15mm

Specialty: Feed two cats at a time

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The Petlibro Granary Two Cats is the best choice if you want an automatic pet feeder that feeds your two cats simultaneously. This feeder has two stainless steel bowls, each holding an equal quantity of kibble. 

Additionally, it has an adjustable meal splitter. You can set it to divide meals according to your preference. This feeder has amazing features of voice recording to call your pet at meal time, strenuously follow the time and quantity of meal you prefer, and the best quality of this dual tray feeder is its silicone rotor, which allows food to enter into the tray without clogging or jamming.

You can also purchase a Petlibro Granary wifi Dual Food Tray Automatic Feeder to adjust your pet’s meal and time through wifi using a smartphone.

Features Highlight

  • Adjustable metal splitter to divide meal 
  • Anti-clogging design
  • Dual power mode
  • Dual Tray
  • 5L large food capacity
  • Feed six meals a day


  1. It has remarkable removable stainless steel bowls, and other parts are also detachable for thorough cleaning.
  2. 24 months warranty
  3. Having a slit for a desiccant bag to maintain food freshness for longer.


1- You cannot feed wet food using this feeder. It is compatible only with dry foods.

Customer Review

Here, we mention the review of one Petlibro Two Cats user.

“This feeder has worked great since I got it and programmed it. It was not hard to understand how to program. Once I read the booklet, I was good to go. This makes my life much easier, not worrying about being home at a certain time to get other feeders for my cats. I got the black one, and it looks great. My small cat Macie had an illness several years ago and didn’t eat for three days, so now she can only eat a little bit of food at a time. I had to wopet automatic pet feeder for her 4 to 5 times a day, and she’s not overweight. Having the feeder up to 6 program times is great. I have it set to 4 now, and it’s working out nicely. I am thankful for this cat feeder”.

We also have a pet guide for your pets.

9- WOpet wifi Enabled Cat Feeder

Brand Name: WOpet

Specialty: App connected feeder 

Suitable for: Dry kibbles

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Use the WOpet Wi-Fi-enabled cat feeder to feed your lovely cat a fresh meal on time, even when you are away from home. Its wifi connectivity and same app lets pet guardians stay connected with cats anytime, anywhere. You can use the app to schedule your pet’s meal time and quantity.

The device has a sensor that notifies you when the meal is low or needs to be filled again. This feeder can schedule up to 15 meal plans per day, and each time, your cat can take a meal of approximately 5g up to 250g. 

Features Highlight

  • 10-second Voice Recording option
  • Portion control 
  • Transparent hopper
  • Detachable design 
  • 6L food capacity
  • Twist lock storage


  1. Remote feeding 
  2. Easy to use, setup, and clean
  3. It comes with dual feeding style manual and automatic


  1. Designed only to feed dry foods to cats.
  2. Hand Wash only

Customer Review

Here’s the review of the WOpet cat feeder buyer.

“My cats love the Wopet wifi feeder. When they hear the food hit the bowl, they all run to it. I feel more at ease when I’m away, so I can manually feed portions or schedule several small meals during the day.”

10- Pyrus Automatic Feeder

Brand Name: Pyrus

Compatible with: Dry food

Why you choose: Large food capacity

The modern and outstanding Pyrus Automatic Feeder is equipped with many advanced features. The wifi connection allows you to control the machine when you are away from home. The 5-cup holding a large hopper is transparent, so you can easily see the quantity of food left without opening the lid. The LCD screen displays the time and quantity of fresh food you have set up. It is a wireless machine, so you can easily take it anywhere in your home.

Features Highlight

  • Hold 5L of dry food
  • LCD
  • Voice recording Mic
  • Portion control capability


  1. Larger food storage.
  2. Transparent hopper to see food quantity.
  3. Best for small to medium-sized cats and dogs.


  1. Only work with batteries.
  2. No dishwasher safe.
  3. Tricky programming.

Customer Review

Here’s the review of one of the Pyrus automatic feeder buyers.

“Works as described. Yes, my cat has figured out how to get how much food is out of it. I adjusted her feeding times and amounts (still a half cup a day), and she is no longer trying to get more out.”

11- WellToBe Automatic smart cat feeder

Brand Name: WellToBe

Best for: Multiple pets

Specialty: Designed with state-of-the-art features

SY2YfdQb o7XTMgBDkVS71a7kIiRVzc3YnrxE5DIbTfCkItvVcJMuiGm Kl QES2z9wiGiDzpGNrl1U0WbYrtrJ eRB24mCTIrLICoj5l1VQ7YveHrbbEbWEpvvDzpgYBBWYmFLhmMl5PjrBObY4KcM

WellToBe Automatic Smart Cat Feeder is a great choice for people with multiple pets. This automatic feeder contains two stainless steel bowls and a 2-way splitter, which divides an equal amount of dry kibbles to both cats. The well-to-be smart feeder has an LCD screen and a straightforward control panel. The blue flashlight technology is integrated into the device to inform that the food is low or empty. 

This automatic feeder has a sleek and robust design with easy-to-clean detachable parts. The wifi connectivity feature makes it more convenient for users to update meal timing and quantity from anywhere. 

Features Highlight

  • Stainless steel bowls
  • 10-sec personalized voice recording option
  • Dual power supply
  • Detachable parts
  • Anti-clog Technology
  • Slit for desiccant bags
  • 13 cups food capacity, allowing six meals a day


  1. The device works great with batteries even when there is a power failure.
  2. It has a large food capacity and can feed two cats for many days.


  1. Placing the bowl is challenging because both bowls are separate and easily slip under the feeder’s base.

Customer Review

Here’s the review of one of the WellToBe customers

“I recently purchased the Automatic Cat Feeder with APP Control, and it has truly been a game-changer for both me and my four feline friends! This smart pet food dispenser has exceeded my expectations in every way, making it a must-have for all cat owners”.

12- Petlibro Polar Wet Food Feeder

Brand Name: Petlibro

Food compatibility: Wet food

Why you pick: Caters to a variety of wet foods

There are a variety of dried food cat feeders available. Still, searching for the most reliable, long-lasting, and latest features, such as an automatic cat feeder for wet, wet or dry food that preserves cat meal fresh, is challenging.

The Petlibro Polar Wet Food Feeder is also one of the best automatic dry cat food feeders. It is amazing with its sleek aesthetic look and paw-shield design. Petlibro designed this product with cats’ feeding requirements in mind.

You can fill this machine with various wet foods such as commercial canned wet food, commercial canned wet pouches, Commercial semi-moist food, and prescription canned wet food and preserve all these foods fresh for three days in this feeder. This feeder is equipped with advanced technologies so you can control and track the machine through an app.

Feature Highlights

  • Smart App control device
  • Pawshield 
  • Anti-pinch infrared lid sensor
  • Pest proof
  • integrated with Advanced thermoelectric cooling


  1. This machine allows an uninterrupted feeding schedule because it has 12-hour power outage protection.
  2. 24-months warranty.
  3. Easy-to-clean parts
  4. Use a refrigeration system rather than ice packs, which are more reliable for preserving wet food.


  1. Takes a lot of space.

13- PetSafe Automatic two-meal cat feeder

Brand Name: PetSafe

Best for: Both dry and semi-moist foods

Specialty: Portable feeder


Do you need a small, lightweight, and portable cat feeder for your pet? The PetSafe Automatic 2-Meal Cat Feeder is the right one. It is suitable for traveling with your pet on vacation.

You can easily put the feeder in the bag and travel without hassle. This feeder is specially designed to feed small pets like cats because they hold only 3 cups of dry or semi-moist food. You can manually schedule your cat’s eating habits for two meals a day in advance. There is no plug-in power supply system installed in this 2-compartment feeder. Only a battery is required to operate. Moreover, it is the best choice to feed your cat automatically with this budget-friendly cat feeder.

Feature Highlight

  • Sleek and compact design
  • Dishwasher safe (only on top rack)
  • BPA-free plastic trays
  • Battery operated
  • Tamper-resistant lids
  • 3 cups food capacity


  1. Its programming is very easy. Turn the dial to set the meal schedule.
  2. Easy to carry and portable.


  1. There is no outlet plug possibility.

Which cat feeder automatic is best? 

The best feeder depends on specific needs, but we suggest the Penthouse Paws cat feeder because it has all the features, like wifi connectivity, LED display, mobile control, and more. 

Do you have any recommendations for automatic wet food feeders? 

The Cat Mate C500 is excellent for wet food. It features an ice pack to keep food fresh and programmable timers to serve meals at the right time.

Are automatic cat feeders a good idea? 

Yes, they are great for maintaining a consistent feeding schedule and managing the portions and sizes of multiple meals, which can help prevent obesity and ensure pets are fed while owners are away.

Can I leave my cat alone for a week with an automatic feeder? 

It is not recommended to leave a cat alone for a week, even with an automatic feeder, as cats require regular human interaction and monitoring for health issues. But it is possible, too. 

What is the best automatic cat feeder for three cats? 

The HoneyGuaridan A36 Automatic Cat Feeder, with its large capacity and customizable meal portions, is ideal for households with multiple cats.

How many days can you leave a cat with an automatic feeder?

It is safe to leave a cat with an automatic feeder for 2-3 days, provided there is adequate water, and the cat eats and is healthy and not prone to overeating.

How many times should cats eat a day?

Adult cats should typically eat twice daily, which can vary depending on health, age, and diet.

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